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Our Top Selling Educational Giveaways for 911 Education Month

Learning when to call 9-1-1- in the event of an emergency and what types of situations constitute a real need for emergency response are both very important lessons for young kids. Our emergency 9-1-1 service is an indispensable resource that we teach students and children about every April. Here are a few of our top selling educational products to help you make the most of this month long safety program.

Dial 911 w/ Emergency Ernie Coloring & Activity Book

Educational coloring and activity books have a knack for making important lessons really stick. It’s done by taking educational messages and turning them into fun and creative experiences which help them become more easily committed to permanent memory. Our Learn About 911 with Emergency Ernie coloring book will help you tackle 911 Education Month successfully.

Call 911 Emergency 20 oz. Sport Bottle Kit, Stock

Ordering a kit is a great way to provide each student or visitor with a collection of educational items without having to do the work of picking out each individual item and trying to make them work with your budget. Our Call 911 Emergency 20 oz. Sport Bottle Kit consists of a 20 oz. red sport bottle with a blue lid and a white 911 design with an array of 911 themed items packed inside, including a ruler, sticker, tattoo and crayon four pack.

Call 9-1-1 Emergency Education School Kit, Stock

Our school kits are just as convenient as sport bottle kits but geared towards the classroom setting, where either teachers or visiting officers carry out their 911 education program. This Call 9-1-1 Emergency Education School Kit features a “Call 911 Emergency” Pencil pouch with a matching pencil pennant, pencil, pencil sharpener, 7″ laminated ruler, eraser, temporary tattoo, sticker and reminder magnet all packed inside.

Stock Business Card Magnet, Emergency Numbers

Great for parents who hire babysitters or have children old enough to stay alone at home, our Stock Emergency Numbers Magnet displays the 9-1-1 reminder in bold lettering and offers a place for you to include other important numbers that may be needed in the event of an emergency.

Dial 911 Teaching Aid Kit, Stock

Another great teaching aid for schools and organizations on a budget is the Dial 911 Teaching Aid Kit. Each item in the kit comes pre-printed with our exclusive stock designs meant to teach about the 9-1-1 emergency response service. Each kit includes a “Dial 911 in an Emergency” Bookmark, a “Dial 911” Design Pencil and a Emergency Numbers Magnet.

Help It’s As Easy As 911 Balloon, Stock

For major events during the month of April, balloons make quick, simple and budget-friendly decorations. These “Help, it’s as easy as 9-1-1” design balloons will brighten up any venue or space in an assortment of red, yellow, clear, blue and green colors.


Our specialty store is teaming with educational handouts and custom giveaways for 911 Education Month. Shop Foremost Promotions to find the products to help you make a success out of this important safety program, this year and many years to come.




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