fire prevention

Find Out What the Symbols on Your Fire Extinguisher Actually Mean

Have you ever seen any of these symbols on a fire extinguisher and wondered what they mean? You’re not alone. In fact, recent polls indicate that people may have the…


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The Educational Value of Kids’ Junior Fire Hats

If you have children or teach young kids then you already know that they love to play pretend. However, what you might not know is that they are learning valuable…

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How To Properly Use A Fire Extinguisher

So you’ve already taken major a step towards fire safety in your home by acquiring a fire extinguisher, but do you know how to operate it? That heavy tank, the…

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Frying Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely

If not done carefully and correctly, deep-frying a Thanksgiving turkey can be a very dangerous and possibly disastrous undertaking. Then again, anyone who has ever tasted a delicious, juicy and…

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Testing & Maintaining Smoke Detectors

The 2014 Fire Prevention Week theme is Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives, and the statement could not be truer. The third leading cause of fatal home injuries are deaths resulting…

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