Fire Safety Awareness

How to Put Education & Awareness First With Safety & Health Information Guides


When you have to teach an important lesson and want to leave a tangible reminder with your students, parents or event attendees, safety and health information guides are your best bet. At Foremost Promotions, we carry over 300 different varieties of these educational giveaways and cover just about every important life lesson you can imagine. We are always adding new guides to our collection because we know that these pocket or purse sized handouts are extremely valuable references for some of the most important subjects taught in safety and health programs.

Our collection is divided into several different categories, some of which are Pocket Sliders, Better Books, Key Points, and Post Ups. These differ in size and format but cover the same wide range of important topics including personal safety and security, child and public safety, fire prevention, first aid and emergency preparedness and many more.

Pocket Sliders


Our useful and informative Pocket Sliders have an insert and pull tab so you can move from topic to topic and reveal the important facts and information associated with each in the cutout window. A popular choice at Foremost Promotions, Pocket Sliders are seen as both fun and educational.

Better Books & Organizers


Each Better Book is a full color, 36-page booklet filled with everything you need to know about a specific health or safety related topic. They are pocket sized for easy referencing on the go but still hold a wealth of information.

Key Points


Key Points are even smaller than Better Books, folding down to the mere size of a credit card, but hold 8 pages of valuable information that you can take with you anywhere. They can be used for reference material, child identification and even your favorite pro sports schedule.

Post Ups


Post Ups help you keep the most important information right in your line of sight. Just fill out any numbers, websites or tips that you want to keep on hand and then use the pressure sensitive adhesive on the back of each Post Up to keep everything worth noting visible.

Your health and safety lessons are worth remembering, so help them get committed to memory by handing out your own customized information guides from Foremost Promotions.


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