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Meet the Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad!


If you received our latest email newsletter about our Emergency 911 Educational Products, you might have watched our exclusive Learn About 911 educational video featuring Emergency Ernie from The Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad. Emergency Ernie is just one member of the superhero squad we developed to help you teach important fire safety lessons to children and students in the most interesting way possible. We don’t have to tell you that kids love superheroes. In fact, we adults love them too! That’s why we know the Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad will provide a new and exciting way to grab every kid’s attention and really drive home those important, and possibly life-saving, fire safety lessons. Here are the members of our Squad.


new10Emergency Ernie

Emergency Ernie is the star of Foremost Promotions’ first ever Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad video. It features important lessons and safety tips for kids about how and when to dial 911. Identifying a true emergency can sometimes be a challenge for young children, so Ernie provides several examples of scenarios that are either true emergencies where 911 should be called or other, less urgent instances when the help of a parent or trusted adult would be more appropriate.


9Exit Plan Elizabeth

Exit Plan Elizabeth does her part to remind families that they should plan ahead and know 2 ways out of their home in case a fire occurs. She encourages children and parents to make an escape plan, mapping out different escape routes from every room in the home and ensuring everyone in the household knows where to go and how to get safely out of harms way, in the event of a house fire. When it comes to fire safety, emergency preparedness can mean the difference between life and death.


new10Stay Low Stacey

The majority of fatalities in house fires are not actually caused by burns, but by smoke inhalation. When fire spreads throughout the home, toxic gasses are emitted which are extremely dangerous to breathe in. Stay Low Stacey reminds everyone to stay as low to the ground as possible and avoid breathing in these gasses by crawling below them. This can make the difference between getting out of a burning building or being trapped inside. That’s why Stay Low Stacey says, “Stay Low and Crawl Below.”


9Stop, Drop and Roll Sam

Stop, Drop and Roll Sam knows that no one likes to think about the possibility of their clothes catching on fire, but knowing what to do, just in case, can save your life. That’s why he works to remind us all that if our clothing should ever catch on fire, we should immediately stop what we’re doing, drop to the ground and roll until the fire is put out. Attempting to pat out the fire might only result in burned hands and unextinguished flames. That’s why Sam tells us to Stop, Drop and Roll.


new10Smoke Alarm Sally

Smoke Alarm Sally wants you to know that the easiest and most effective way you can protect yourself from a house fire is by installing smoke alarms and checking them every month. Most injuries and deaths associated with house fires occur in homes where the smoke detectors were either faulty or completely absent. With just minimal effort, you can make sure the smoke alarms in your home are in perfect working condition and, as a result, you can protect the lives of everyone in your household. Don’t forget! Smoke Alarm Sally wants you to check your smoke detectors every month. 

If you’d like to see more of the Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad or think they might be able to help you turn your next fire safety education program into complete success, browse our collection of giveaways featuring each of the members or give us a call at 800.431.3473 to learn more about them today.


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