Giveaways to Promote Safe and Healthy Spring Celebrations

With prominent celebratory events like Mardis Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Break fast approaching, businesses and organizations may be looking for ways to leverage these popular occasions for their own marketing campaigns while reminding customers and community members of the importance of cutting loose as safely and responsibly as possible. If this applies to you, look no further! Here is just a sampling of the items we have to help you encourage a safe and healthy spring while promoting your company or important awareness message.

Binge Drinking Pocket Sliders™


Our Pocket Sliders contain a wealth of information on various important health and safety related topics. The Binge Drinking Pocket Slider™ highlights details and facts about the effects binge drinking can have on your body in both the short and long term. Just pull the insert to reveal each important fact.

Breathalyzer Keychain


After meeting friends for an after work drink, it’s always best to be absolutely sure of your blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel. Our Breathalyzer Keychain helps take away the guess work and help you make confident and intelligent decisions. The indicator lights glow green for safe levels and yellow or red for time to arrange for an Uber levels.

Over Indulgence Kit


Despite our efforts to indulge in moderation, we’ve all occasionally found ourselves on the wrong side of a run of the mill hangover. The Over Indulgence Kit provides everything one might need to relieve the symptoms of too much celebrating. Each kit includes a Hangover Recovery Shot, an antacid packet, 2 Alka Seltzer tablets, 2 Life Saver Mints, and 2 Tylenol tablets. Your logo is included on the vinyl pouch.

Stop Sign Cork Coaster, 4-1/2″

More and more bars and restaurants are getting involved with this important event by advocating for safe, sober driving with cleverly placed reminders for patrons to drink responsibly or call an uber or friend to drive for them. These Stop Sign Cork Coasters are just right for the task.

Drinking and Driving Pocket Sliders™


The Drinking and Driving Pocket Slider is a simple reference tool, containing everything you need to know about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as the laws associated with this dangerous activity. Included on the front of the slider is a cost calculator which provides an estimate for how much alcohol the average adult can consume before being considered legally drunk.


Find these and many more informative giveaways that help you discourage driving under the influence and encourage smart choices during upcoming spring celebrations in our Impaired Driving Prevention 2019 specialty store, today!



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