Two Ways Out

FPW is Nearing! Here’s All the Fire Safety Themes You Can Find at Foremost Promotions.

The official theme for this years Fire Prevention Week Event, as announced by the NFPA, is “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere.” This is an extremely…


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The New Theme for Fire Prevention Week 2018: Look. Listen. Learn.

This year’s theme for Fire Prevention Week is, “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere,” which teaches the 3 basic and most important steps in reducing the chances…

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Meet the Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad!

If you received our latest email newsletter about our Emergency 911 Educational Products, you might have watched our exclusive Learn About 911 educational video featuring Emergency Ernie from The Fab 5 Fire…

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Exclusive Stock Drinkware for Your Safety-themed Event

What’s better than handing out safety-themed drinkware at your next big event? Being able to do it even if your event is right around the corner! Introducing our exclusive line…

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The Importance of Having a Fire Escape Plan

So you’ve installed smoke detectors in your home and have been remembering to test them every month. We applaud you for taking the time to make your home extra safe…

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