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Top Giveaway Ideas for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

An average of 15 Americans are killed every single day in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers who are either making a phone call, texting or eating while behind the wheel. It’s a startling number but it has actually increased since 2014, a marker year when 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 injured in the same types of motor vehicle accidents. Despite all that we know of the dangers of distracted driving, statistics such as these reveal that many of us have not yet learned to change our ways. That is why the National Safety Council observes Distracted Driving Awareness Month, every April.

At Foremost Promotions, we strive to provide our customers with any and all materials they might need to help spread the word about their important safety campaigns – and distracted driving is no exception. Here are some of our favorite choices for supplies, educational giveaways and custom gifts for Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Texting & Distracted Driving Better Book™

This 36-page booklet on the dangers of distracted driving is filled with facts, statistics and information on laws regarding distracted driving. It provides a simple way for you to present the important points on the dangers of texting and driving in writing and allow your audience to reference it again later. Add your logo and important safety message to remind your event attendees that your organization cares.

Sticky Pad® Roadster™

This dashboard pad is an enticing gift, as well as a clever way to remind drivers to put away their phones and keep them out of their hands while driving. It can also hold glasses, spare change, a pen or any other small objects they may need easy access to when their vehicles are parked. No adhesive is needed; the patented gel Roadster pad clings to any dashboard or console with a renewable grip that is moveable and reusable.

PopSocket® Mobile Device Stand & Mount Combo

Since cell phones seem to be the leading contributors to situations involving distracted driving, what better place is there to place a subtle reminder to not text or call and drive. Our PopSocket® Mobile Device Stand & Mount Combo is a convenient smart phone accessory and provides the perfect opportunity tame get your message seen.

After Eight Keyholder

Closely following phones as one of the best places to place your important safety message are keys. This split-ring After Eight Keyholder is an elegant gift for event organizers and volunteers who have pledges to never allow themselves to drive while distracted.

Luminous USB Car Charger Key Strap

Yet another giveaway that allows for a perfectly placed distracted driving month safety message is the Luminous USB Car Charger Key Strap. In your choice of four vibrant colors, each charger glows once it’s plugged into a car’s port, lighting up your organization’s name and important message.

The chances of getting into a motor vehicle accident, no matter what the cause might be, are increased 23 times when a driver is texting. Even if the accident is another driver’s fault, it is likely that someone who is texting might have been able to react and avoid the incident if they had been concentrating on the road.

Share these facts and helpful promotional materials with your community this April or call our dedicated team at 800.378.6376 to find out what other products Foremost Promotions can offer to help you spread awareness and stop distracted driving once and for all.




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