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Promotional Sunglasses in Time for Daylight Savings

If you’re as ready to celebrate the return of long sunny days as we are, you might also be ready to promote your station, department or important safety message with…


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A Quick Review: History & Sciences of Fire Prevention

HISTORY It never hurts to brush up on the facts and that’s what we’re doing here today! So, whether you already knew that Benjamin Franklin started the first volunteer fire…

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Personal Safety and Security Products for Every Type of Emergency

Foremost Promotions specializes in safety education products for kids, but we also carry a large variety of safety implements for adults as well. Personal security is paramount for individuals who…

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Every National Safety Observance in 2018

When it comes to planning and executing an effective safety event, timing is everything – and we know how easy it is to let time get away from you. That’s…

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