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Snow Day Safety for Kids

While it’s true that most children prefer summer to winter because of the countless fun outdoor activities that come along with warm weather, there is perhaps nothing quite as wonderful…


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pet safety

Winter Pet Safety Tips From Foremost

We shouldn’t be fooled by pets’ fluffy, fur coats or their unrelenting desire to go outside and play. Animals need to be protected from the cold temperatures this winter just…

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Protecting your Household from Carbon Monoxide

The threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is something that scarcely crosses the minds of most people but is unfortunately very real. In fact, January is the most common month of…

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Pedestrian Safety Tips

The holiday break is now over and a new year has begun, sending children and teens back to school and resuming the normal flow of morning and rush hour traffic…

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A Fireplace Safety Reminder

  Nothing is quite as cozy and nice as curling up near a warm fire in your home during the winter, but not maintaining a clean and properly functioning fireplace…

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Keeping Fire Hydrants Clear After a Snowfall

While many regions in the United States and Canada enjoy white powdery snowfall throughout the winter months, there are some dangerous fire hazards associated with heavy snow on the ground,…

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