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Winter Driving Safety and Preparedness

As the trees continue to shed their once vibrantly colored fall leaves and the temperatures slowly drop, it’s becoming increasing clear that it’s time to prepare our automobiles for winter. Cold weather conditions like snow and ice can quickly change driving from a routine activity to a dangerous situation, but a little preparation can help you avoid a lot of the hazards associated with winter travel.

Preparing Your Automobile

The first major step to take towards preparing your car or truck for the winter is getting your battery and lights checked to make sure they in good working condition. A routine maintenance check in the fall should include a simple evaluation of your hoses, belts and cooling system fluid and you should start getting used to keeping your gas tanks at least half full at all times to avoid any possible gas line freezes. provides a more extensive list of winter auto preparations to take into account which is easy to follow.

Travel Supplies

Aside from a simple vehicle inspection, you can equip your car with the necessary travel supplies to help make winter travel as easy and hazard free as possible. The bare minimum essentials should be a flashlight, blanket, salt for ice and an ice scraper for your windshield. Foremost Promotions provides a large selection of custom printed ice scrapers, flashlights and blankets, all ideal as thoughtful gifts for your community members that help remind them to take extra safety precautions on the road during winter. Here are a few of our top choices for winter 2015/16.

Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper


Our basic 7″ Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper is the perfect gift to hand out at large-scale events because they’re budget-friendly and small in size, but they have ¼” scraping blades that can easily get rid of thick layers of ice on your windshield. Mix and match blade and handle colors to perfectly compliment your logo and important safety message.

Comfort Grip Ice Scraper


With this soft, comfortable handle, you won’t have to dread scraping ice from your windshield this winter. Just add your logo directly to the blade and hand these out as a unique and well-received gift for employees and community members.

Telescopic Ice Chisel Snowbrush


A 42” extension helps make clearing windshields on even the largest vehicles a cinch. Scrape frost and ice and sweep snow away from your car or truck all with the same convenient tool. Add your logo in white, silver or gold as the perfect finishing touch to a gift that will be greatly appreciated this winter.

Check out the rest of our collection of custom printed ice scrapers and other auto accessories to see how you can make driving safely a little easier for everyone on your list this winter.


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