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Will We One Day Have Fire Sprinklers in Every Home?

For over a century, fire sprinklers have played a major role in the fire protection of commercial and industrial properties and public buildings. They can substantially diminish heat and flames from fire and have been successful in the reduction of property damage, injury, and loss of life.  What many people may not realize, however, is that the same exact life saving mechanisms are available for private home installation as well.

In the US, approximately 85% of civilian fire deaths occur in residential homes. The sad fact has caused many organizations, like the NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative, to consider the need to make in-home sprinklers a federal requirement much like smoke detectors. For people who already do have fire sprinklers in their homes, a reduction in property damage by about 70% per fire has been shown. This is a statistic that is even further supporting demands for new fire protection legislation.

In New Jersey, the NJ Assembly has passed a bill that could lead to fire sprinklers in every one or two family home as a requirement. The New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Coalition fully supports this movement and one member, Rich Sylvia, who is also the president of the New Jersey Fire Prevention & Protection Association, says that the new act will be a “tremendous benefit to homeowners”.

There could be many obstacles for his this bill to overcome before it is made into a new law, including the cost of installation per home and even the possibility of water shortage, an issue that has plagued New Jersey in the past, but at a glance, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. The alarming truth still remains that at least 7 people die every single day in reported home fires, and that makes sprinkler installation in every home something that is definitely worth examining.

In most cases sprinklers can contain or even put out a home fire in less time than it would take a local fire department to arrive at the scene; so the next time you consider your home fire prevention and response strategy, an in-home sprinkler installation might be worth looking into.

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