The NFPA’s Halloween Fire Safety Tips on Martha Stewart Living


Last week the NFPA posted some important Halloween fire safety tips on Martha Stewart Living. Out of all the unique and creative tips for making just about every holiday as festive as possible that you can find on the home and DIY site, safety should be paramount, and we think it’s great that and the NFPA have decided to work together to tackle the important topic.

Between spooky, billowing costumes, intricate paper decorations, ghostly props and candlelit jack-o-lanterns, Halloween is a very exciting time for both children and adults. Unfortunately, all of these things can amount to real-life horror if the proper fire safety precautions aren’t taken into serious consideration.

Since Martha Stewart Living is a place where a multitude of people go to find creative ideas and helpful tips for Halloween events, costumes and decorations, it’s the perfect place to spread a little awareness and education on fire prevention. Here are the major tips that the NFPA is advising on this Halloween.

  • Keep all holiday decorations, especially those made out of paper or cardboard, far away from open flames or any other heat sources.
  • Keep every home or business exit clear of decorations or props, so escape routes are never obstructed.
  • Consider flameless, battery operated candles or jack-o-lantern lights instead of real candles for optimum safety. They can be found at most pharmacies, home good stores or anywhere pumpkin carving equipment is sold.
  • If you must use real candles in your jack-o-lanterns, make sure they are kept away from children, pets, decorations and driveways or walkways where trick-or-treaters might be walking.
  • Always use electric or battery operated lights in outdoor decorations as opposed to candles and torchlights. Trick-or-treaters’ costumes can easily brush up against the flames and catch.
  • Make sure children are aware of the dangers of open flames and that they should stay away from lit jack-o-lanterns and other decorations. Trick-or-treating is rarely carried out after dark but there is no harm in providing them with flashlights for lighting, just in case

By following these simple safety precautions, you can make sure your Halloween festivities go off without a hitch and the only frights to be had are cause by ghosts and goblins – not fire.


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