Fire Safety For Kids

The Educational Value of Kids’ Junior Fire Hats


If you have children or teach young kids then you already know that they love to play pretend. However, what you might not know is that they are learning valuable life lessons and improving their cognitive development when they do so. Play-based learning is an essential part of early childhood development and assists in remembering important safety and educational lessons. Couple that with the fact that children absolutely love this method of teaching and you can see why schools and fire departments place such great value in kid’s junior fire fighter hats in fire safety and prevention education.

Engaging in pretend play helps children to build their imaginations and develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. It also provides an enjoyable experience that allows the lesson associated with it to be more easily and thoroughly committed to permanent memory. Teachers and fire officials rely on this fact because the lessons they teach on fire safety are some of the most important lessons a person can learn in early childhood education.

At Foremost Promotions we believe in how kid’s fire hats, and other fire safety toys and activities, can incredibly enhance the fire safety and prevention education of children. This is why we continue to offer one of the largest collections of Junior Firefighter Plastic Hats and kids’ fire safety toys and school supplies. Not only do these extremely valuable giveaways enrich the educational experience, but they allow kids to play act as some of our greatest heroes – firefighters.

Here is our kids’ junior firefighter plastic hat collection, by series:

The Fire Station Favorite


The Fire Station Favorite series is made up of light-weight, budget-friendly hats that are made right here in the U.S. and customized and assembled to order at Foremost Promotions. These hats are available in red, black, white, yellow and pink. There are 13 exclusive stock designs for the fire station favorites and your custom imprinting options are limitless.

The Classic Series


The Classic series hats are the original design that we have carried for years, and our customers have grown accustomed to. They are available in red, black, yellow, white, pink and blue, come with 2 extremely popular stock designs, including a 3rd exclusive design for the pink hats, and custom imprinting is also limitless.

The Chief’s Choice


The Chief’s Choice is the newest addition to our line of kids’ fire hats and has a much more realistic looking design, complete with a curved back and deeper ridges at the top. This series is available in red, black, yellow, white, blue, pink, green and orange and has an amazing 29 different stock designs.

At Foremost Promotions you can customize our hats however you’d like, but we do offer several shield templates that you can use or alter however you see fit. Your custom printing options are almost as boundless as the imaginations of the children you educate on fire safety, so why not use this valuable resource to help tap into those imaginations and turn your fire prevention educational program into a compete success.


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