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Supporting Our Troops

During the holidays when we are all heading home to see our families and friends, it is important to remember the men and women who can’t be with their loved ones because they are the members of our brave, honorable and tireless military troops. They have made this great sacrifice and must be far away from home in order to protect and preserve our way of life. For that we owe them our support and gratitude.
In honor of our selfless troops, Foremost Promotions has created a specialty store dedicated to products that can help us all show our support and appreciation for their noble work. Here are just a few of the many gifts and giveaways that we offer.

Yellow Ribbon Products


The yellow ribbon is steeped in rich a history of showing support for military troops that goes back further than when the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” was a popular. It started as a representation of the love and devotion for soldiers who were far away from home and has grown into the universal symbol of support for all members of the US military. Our Yellow Ribbon Lapel Pin and custom Ribbon Auto Magnet are two products that provide a way for people to proudly display their statement of support by either wearing their yellow ribbons or adorning their automobiles with them.

Camouflage Products




Camouflage is a popular theme for military support products because they match the fatigues that many troops either wear or are associated with.  The Sahara Aluminum Sports Bottle has an attached carabiner, is available in camouflage and can be customized with your important message of support. Likewise, the Port Authority® Camouflage Cap  can be embroidered in up to 5 different thread colors and is a popular choice for outdoor events and fundraisers for military personnel and their families.

Patriotic Products


Any products that are adorned with our nation’s stars and stripes are ideal for showing support for our troops. The Patriotic Themed Sugar Free Mints tin is a small pocket sized gift that has a surprisingly large imprint area for your important supportive words. The hinged tin holds 1 oz. of sugar free mints in your choice of 4 different flavors. Our Red, White & Blue Flag InkBend Standard™ Pen is another patriotic themed giveaway that would easily fit into your event or campaign budget and provides an easy way to spread your message of support for the troops to a younger audience.

Kids Products


When your audience is very young, products that are more fun and educational may be necessary. The American Heroes Coloring & Activity Book provides enjoyable activities while teaching about the importance of the men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and the Military Parent and Me All About Me Book is a helpful and thoughtful gift for children who have parents in the military and struggle with the challenges of missing them while they are deployed. An insert in the book for an individual child’s picture allows them to become the starring character in the story.

Fun and Stress Relief


Events and campaigns meant for honoring our troops can be full of fun and enjoyment, so Foremost Promotions has been sure to provide plenty of products with a more playful vibe. Among these are the Patriotic Beach Ball, which is a 16” beach or poolside ball of fun, and the Eagle Stress Reliever, a relaxation promoting squeeze toy in the shape of our beloved and splendid national bird.

There are many more available products that can help your message of encouragement and compassion reach as many people as possible this holiday season, and the Foremost Promotions Support the Troops specialty store is here to help.


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