Fire Prevention Week

Simple Solutions for Fire Safety Programs


At Foremost Promotions, we have a great many customers who love to prepare for their fire safety programs and Fire Prevention Week by ordering custom printed products weeks in advance. On the other hand, we also have a great many customers who prefer to keep it simple. Whether you are frequently swamped with a long list of to-dos, particularly enamored with our stock and rush product collection or just like to keep things easy and breezy at all times, we get you.

Here are just a few of our easy as pie fire safety promos for helping you make it through Fire Prevention Week without a hitch.

Deluxe Fire Open House Kit


If you’re going to host an open house at your station, you have one important task to focus on – entertaining children! Sure the initial excitement of walking into the firehouse and looking at all the impressive equipment is plenty for a kid to appreciate, but what are you going to impress them with when that excitement inevitably wears off? Let’s be honest, bored children can turn on you quicker than a hangry bear, and that’s not the relaxed and laid back type of situation you prefer. Lucky for you, we have a solution that requires minimal preparation. The Deluxe Open House Kit will equip you with several hundred fun giveaways that will keep children entertained while helping you teach your valuable fire safety lessons. Don’t get caught at your open house event without it if you want to make it through the day unscathed.

Fire Prevention Bucket Kit, Stock


You will be met with the same perilous challenge of delivering an effective yet entertaining fire safety lesson if you’re working in the classroom. For this mission, the stock Fire Prevention Bucket Kit will help you avoid complication. It comes equipped with everything you need to stave off boredom and thrill those kids into remembering to practice fire safety every day! Every piece is pre-printed with a stock fire safety design, so you can leave the worries behind and have the entire kit delivered to you in no time.

Test Your Detectors Teaching Aid Kit, Stock


This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm”. If you’re therefore focusing on the importance of maintaining smoke detectors in the home, the Test Your Detectors Teaching Aid Kit will make the task as simple as possible and help you battle disinterest like a pro. Each polybagged unit comes with a laminated bookmark, message magnet, full-color pencil, temporary tattoo and pencil topper, all decorated with our exclusive Rookie fire dog “Test Your Detectors” design.

Don’t Invite Us To Dinner Quilted Oven Mitt


They say fire prevention is made in the kitchen. Well, actually that’s abs, but a great deal of fire prevention actually does occur in the kitchen! If you’re focusing on kitchen fire safety for adults and you want to stay true to your own style of keeping it as easy as possible, our stock oven mitts are like a gift from the gods! Printed with our exclusive, “Don’t Invite Us to Dinner,” design, as well as some simple tips for kitchen safety, these clever handouts practically do the job for you.

Stock Fire Safety and Welcome to the Fire Station Banners


You know those really striking and impressive looking fire safety banners that you’ve seen outside of the firehouse from time to time? They look like a lot of painstaking effort went into them, but it might surprise you to know that they are actually no sweat at all! In fact, you can have one of these brilliant banners hanging in your office, department or station without ever harshing your mellow one bit. Every exclusively designed, 2’ x 6’ stock banner is pre-printed in full-color and ready to ship out within 24 business hours.

Are you ready for us to make it even easier for you? Shop our Fire Prevention Week Rush Store, 24 hours a day, and we will get your order processed and shipped in no time, or just give us a call at 800.431.3473 with a list of what you need and when you want it and we’ll take care of the rest. Piece of cake!


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