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Safety Faux Pas & Tips from Your Favorite Holiday Movies


They make us laugh until we cry and then cause our hearts to grow three whole sizes, but many of our favorite holiday movies are replete with severely condemnable safety faux pas. We’ve rounded up 5 beloved examples of classic holiday films and the grievous fire and personal safety misdeeds found in each of them. Watch and enjoy, but never do these at home!



Pedestrian Safety

Buddy the Elf is one enthusiastic and eager individual. In fact, he’s so eager to get across a busy New York City street and reach his next destination that he doesn’t bother to look both ways and is subsequently upended by a taxi cab.  Of course, growing up in the North Pole with the rest of the elves probably contributed to Buddy’s lack of caution in this scenario – and watching this innocent and naive character get positively pummeled is a good bit of comedy – but we hope a more traditionally raised human being would know better.

Safety Tip: Always look both ways before crossing the streets and proceed with caution. Everyone seems to be in a rush during the holidays, so taking extra precautions when walking near traffic is always a good idea.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Fire & Pet Safety

Where do we begin? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is absolutely rife with no-nos but that’s part of the reason why we love it so much. From ignoring the rules and claiming your own Christmas tree from the deeps woods by ripping it straight from the roots like Paul Bunyan himself would do it to letting your boss know just what you think about his “Jelly of the Month Club” gift, there are quite a few acts in this classic holiday film that we wouldn’t mind committing ourselves. However, we can still learn from a couple outrageous fire safety faux pas that we should never ever commit.

Safety Tip: Never smoke or keep lit candles, cigarettes or cigars near a Christmas tree, especially if it might be dry. Also, you should always make sure pets cannot gain access to electrical wires, such as those from Christmas tree lights. RIP, poor kitty cat. RIP.


A Christmas Story


Heating & Electrical Fire Safety

A Christmas Story is arguably the greatest of all holiday movies – at least TBS seems to think so since it broadcasts the movie back to back for a full 24 hours during Christmas every year. With laugh out loud comedy and endless bits of nostalgia, all punctuated by a warm fuzzy family Christmas theme, you just can’t help adoring this film. Hilarious and heartwarming as the adventure of Ralphie, his family and his friends may be, however, we can’t recommend sticking your tongue on a flag pole, putting soap in a child’s mouth or selling out your friends when the time for said soap is upon you. Most of all, we don’t recommend ignoring a faulty furnace or jamming your electrical outlets with wires and plugs galore. Nothing good can come from that.

Safety Tip: If your furnace is on the fritz, get it checked out by a professional immediately. A few knocks with a  hammer only works for Ralphie’s dad – and even then the house fills up with dangerous smoke! As an added tip, give your outlets a break. Limit the number of items you have plugged into one single outlet or else you could blow a fuse, or, even worse, cause a fire.


Home Alone 


Child Safety & Stranger Danger

Obviously, Kevin’s mother didn’t mean to leave him home alone for nearly a week during Christmas, and, if she hadn’t, this outrageously hilarious holiday film wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining (it’s been 26 years and we still can’t keep it together when Kevin places his brother’s pet tarantula on Marve’s terrified face). That said, let’s all vow to never ever leave our young children home alone where they are susceptible to the dealings of two dangerous, albeit nitwitted, thieves looking to rob us blind.

Safety Tip: Never leave young children home alone and always teach them to avoid strangers and call 9-1-1 when a parent or guardian is not on hand to help in a dangerous situation. Even if they can totally handle the situation, a la Kevin McCallister.!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2014/12/03/068/n/1922283/1706b3aa33982926_anigif_enhanced-buzz-19861-1386358804-35/i/When-He-Uses-BB-Gun-Supervision.gif


A Muppet Family Christmas 


Winter and Holiday Travel Safety 

This beloved 1987 Muppet Christmas special featured the entire muppet gang, up to and including the Fraggles and some members of the Sesame Street crew. Unfortunately, it also featured some of the worst winter driving anyone has ever seen. With most of the cast stuffed into the bed of an old pickup truck and the remaining characters sitting in the front seat without seatbelts buckled, Fozzie Bear seems to be barreling down a snowy highway at top speed in the middle of what looks like a blizzard. It’s a good thing this is all make believe and good fun, since in real life we would all be screaming for our lives.

Safety Tip: Remember to drive slowly and carefully on snowy or possibly icy roads, wear your seatbelt at all times, and avoid the roads altogether if winter weather conditions become dangerous.

Now that you’ve learned a valuable lesson from each of these misguided yet loveable holiday film characters, go forth and have a fun, happy and safe holiday season!



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