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Road Safety Products for the Driving in Winter Weather

While it would be nice to stay indoors throughout the ice cold winter months, safely tucked away from harsh weather and even harsher road conditions, that’s simply not an option for most people. Work, errands and holiday travel forces us out into the elements, putting automobile safety at it’s utmost importance. You can use your promotional campaign to provide extra protection for your community members by handing out gifts that make driving in winter safer and more enjoyable. Here just a few of our top picks!

Auto Emergency Rescue Light & Escape Tool

An emergency escape tool is something all drivers should keep in their automobiles. This particular model doubles as a magnetic rescue/warning light with strobe action, as well as a flashlight, in addition to the glass breaker and seatbelt cutter built into the base. This is one tool that will provide peace of mind through the winter season.

Auto Safety Kit

Everything you might need during an automobile emergency comes tucked into this 600 denier polyester barrel bag in your choice of 5 vibrant colors. Items inside the bag include: 8′ 10 gauge booster cables w/ instructions, a rubberized flashlight with 2 heavy-duty mercury-free “D” batteries, a flashlight signal cone, 2 emergency candles, a box of Eddy Match® safety matches, a 4-pack of tire valve caps, a chamois, 12 assorted nylon cable ties, a foam kneeling pad, 6 moist towelettes, an emergency Mylar blanket, cotton/poly work gloves w/ rubber grip dots, a lightweight reusable safety vest, a lightweight reusable, recyclable rain poncho, an orange “Call Police” banner (11″ x 22″), and a 23-piece first aid kit.

Ultra Strong Snowbrush, 24″

This 24″ snow brush with an attached ice scraper can do it all! With an extra long, sturdy handle featuring a comfortable EVA foam grip and a premium bristle brush, this item makes quick work of clearing snow and ice car roofs and windshields.

Instant Hand Warmer Two-Pack

If you’re vehicle breaks down in the cold, staying warm becomes a first priority, and this Instant Hand Warmer Two-Pack can be a huge help! These can be tucked into gloves or even boots to help keep your hands and feet warm and protected from frost bite either in your vehicle or during a long trek through the snow.

Credit Card Ice Scraper with Key Ring

A compact and useful tool to keep on hand during the winter months, this Credit Card Ice Scraper with Key Ring is tough enough to break through stubborn ice and small enough to fit into your wallet or pocket. A great way to promote your department or important safety message all winter long!

Power Dynamo Auto Emergency Tool

The Power Dynamo Auto Emergency Tool will never leave you without a phone to call for help. Providing up to 8 minutes of talking time with generated power through the handle crank, a dead battery no longer has to mean a dead phone. Other features include an LED flashlight, a red emergency flashing light, a seat belt cutter, a glass breaker, and a magnetic base for hazard light display.


Find many more roadside safety promotions to give out this winter to help your community members stay safe and well-informed in 2019!





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