Child Safety

Products Kids Love

Educating children on fire and public safety is a very serious matter but, as we all know, the lessons are much more effective if they involve a bit of fun. That’s why Foremost Promotions stocks plenty of products that kids love and our customers have come to rely on them to enhance and reinforce their important safety programs. Here are just a few of the products we carry that kids simply can’t get enough of.

Plastic Fire, Trooper and EMS Hats


There is no doubt that children love to pretend play, especially as their local heroes, like firefighters, troopers and EMTs. Luckily for them pretending plays a major role in early developmental skill building, so plastic junior firefighter, trooper and EMS hats are just as beneficial as they are fun. No wonder they are one of our most popular products for kids.

Coloring and Activity Books


Coloring and activity books from Foremost Promotions provide hours of enjoyment for kids while teaching numerous valuable lessons. Among our many titles are The Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad, Your Friend the Police Officer, Be Smart, Say No to Drugs, Learn About 911 and A Trip to the Fire Station. These coloring and activity books prove that important safety lessons can be fun as well as educational.

Mood Color Changing Products


It’s no wonder that kids love our mood, color changing products. Even adults get a kick out of these fascinating toys and gifts. They start off as one color and then the heat from your hands causes them to slowly change to a different shade. Color changing sports balls, bracelets and school supplies, like erasers and pencils, are popular with kids, but we also carry mood drinkware that changes when hot or cold beverages are added.



Same as the case with mood, color changing products, there’s no need to explain why kids love bubbles. They just do. Not only can they provide hours of entertainment for the little ones at parties and community events, but they are also a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to get their important message to make an impact on kids and parents.

Stickers and Tattoos


Did you know that you can create your own custom-designed temporary tattoos for kids at Foremost Promotions? When we tell our customers they sometimes react with the same amount of excitement as the kids they are giving them to! We also have a wide variety of stock tattoos, as well as stickers, that can ship out to you in as little as 24 business hours from the time that you place your order. Our exclusive stock stickers are available in 100 sheets of small stickers per pack or 200 large stickers per roll.

This is just a handful of the products we carry that kids absolutely love. Check out our Kid’s Toys store for more ideas on promos that the youngsters at your next major event can get really excited about.


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