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Public and private pools are all open by now, with summer right around the corner, and kids everywhere are getting ready to spend their time off of school splashing around with friends and playing poolside. As it is with almost all things, poolside play and swimming comes with its fair share of hazards. Here are some products that we have available to help you teach and instill lessons on pool and swimming safety on every kid.

Pool and Water Safety Coloring & Activity Book


Teaching pool and swimming safety indoors or in the classroom is easier than ever thanks to our Pool and Water Safety Coloring & Activity Book. The 16-page book will provide hours of fun and educational activities for kids who won’t even realize they are learning all about the proper precautions to take in and around pools. They’ll be having too much fun to notice! Your department or company name goes in the bottom cover, so you can remind them that you have their best interests at heart.

Youth Flip Flops


Slippery surfaces surrounding a pool can spell danger for kids who tend to get excited and run. Teaching them to walk slowly when near a swimming pool is paramount, but you can also provide them with flip flops for extra traction and safety. These Youth Flip Flops come in every size you might need and an assortment of colors, so you can be sure to find a pair that’s just right. What’s more, your name or logo goes right on the outside strap.

Water Resistant Sun Kit


It’s usually up to us to make sure kids wear the proper sun protection by the pool and then reapply it when necessary, but when they head to a friend’s house or a public swimming venue we can still make sure they stay protected. The Water Resistant Sun Kit is perfect for attaching to a child’s bag so he or she can tote it along and stay sun safe all day long. SPF-30 sunblock lotion, and a 0.15 oz. Banana Boat® Aloe Vera lip balm with vitamin E are included in each custom printed waterproof pouch.

Breeze Mini Fan with Cap


Overheating is nothing to be taken lightly and after hours of activity by or in the pool it can come on quickly. A mini hand fan can help. Just throw it in your bag to have it on the ready when someone needs to cool down quickly. Each of these comes with a cap to protect the blades from getting damaged and you have your choice of 6 different colors. Add your logo and give these out as a thoughtful gift to the parents in your community, at the start of summer.

Beach Bum Inflatable Pillow


Even if a child can swim like a fish, he or she can get overtired in the deep end of a pool and become needful of a quick rest. The safest bet is to always supervise a pool when children are present, but inflatable toys tossed into the water are also helpful. For this purpose, we like the Beach Bum Inflatable Pillow which provides a quick resting place while floating in the water.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for products that help enhance a safe and happy pool and swimming experience this summer! Check out the rest of our Sun, Fun and Safety Store for more products that help ensure a risk and worry free summer!


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