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Our Top Promotional Products for the Upcoming Spring Season

As another winter storm sweeps through the northeast, we can’t help wishing spring would hurry up and arrive already! Unless you live in paradise, we’re sure you can relate. So while visions of lush green grass, warm sunny days and open toe shoes are dancing in your heads, we’d like to take this time to show you how you can use some fresh spring promos to your station or department’s advantage when the vernal season finally arrives. Here are just a few of our top promotions for spring.

BBQ Apron Tote Set

There just aren’t very many warm weather activities that are quite as enjoyable – or delicious – as an outdoor BBQ! Our BBQ Apron Tote Set has everything you need to man the grill and solidify your grill-master status this spring. Including an apron that conveniently folds into a carry all tote for the rest of the items, three essential stainless steel barbecue tools, a quilted oven mitt and a fun chef’s hat. All that’s missing is your company logo!

Inversion Contrasting Umbrella, 48″ Arc

If you haven’t seen one of our incredible inversion umbrellas yet, allow us to knock your socks off! While the spring thaw is a much anticipated time of year, its also an extremely wet one. That’s why a handy umbrella makes a near perfect spring promotion. Only near perfect that is – until now. The new inversion umbrella finally achieves perfection with it’s ability to eliminate the burden of rain water that clings to the outside of an umbrella once it’s closed. You know how there’s no easy way to put your umbrella in your passenger seat without soaking your dashboard and everything in it’s path? Well, that’s all over now thanks to a simple tweek in design that allows the umbrella to close inside out. You’re welcome!

California Innovations® 24-Can Barrel Cooler

The California Innovations® 24-Can Barrel Cooler combines a huge interior capacity with simple storage, thanks to an innovative design that allows it to collapse to a small size when not in use. Despite this incredible shrinking capability, however, the cooler is durable enough to easily lug up to 24 cans, plenty of ice or a huge assortment of cold snacks. Added features include a leak-proof PEVA lining, a top, zipperless pocket and two sturdy carrying handles.

Roots 73® Martinriver Men’s Rain Jacket

It may be time to put winter coats in storage, but there’s still a slight chill in the air and a rainy season will precede sunny days. Our Roots 73 Martinriver Rain Jacket was seemingly made for those exact outdoor elements! With a water resistant outer shell and a breathable interior, you can stay active outdoors without letting that rain slow you down. Exceptional features include a large protective hood, exterior pocket stitching and subtle color blocking on the hem, sleeve and zipper for a stylish, signature look.

Spring Stoneware Mug w/ Colored Rim & Handle, 12oz.

Did you know you can turn a classic promotional staple into a fresh spring giveaway with just a touch of beautiful pastel color? Introducing the Spring Stoneware Mug w/ Colored Rim & Handle. This white, camper style mug is accented with pale spring hues that will easily bring renewed inspiration and warm comforting thoughts to anyone sipping their favorite coffee or tea from it.  Add your logo in the same lovely shade or make it pop with a bolder selection.


Need more spring promotion ideas? Shop our entire collection of custom giveaways to find the item your employees and community members can feel exhilarated and  refreshed by this upcoming spring! Remember to use our new coupon for the month of March and get Free Shipping up to a $75 value on orders over $350 using our exclusive code: MARCHMADNESS.




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