Fire Safety Awareness

Our New Free Grill Fire Infographic

Foremost Promotions is offering a new resource to all of our fire safety and prevention educators and enthusiasts. It’s our new Grill Fire Infographic and it’s free for you to download, share or publish on your websites, blogs and social media pages. We want to provide you with a helpful visual aid when spreading awareness about the dangers of grill fires and preventing accidents when cooking outdoors.

Many people may not realize this, but fire companies respond to about 6,500 grill fires every year and 70% of those fires take place in residential locations. About 43% of these frightening incidents occur as a result of mechanical failures in grills and this could be the direct result of only 5% of grill owners regularly checking and servicing their outdoor grills. These statistics simply should not be ignored, but we know it can be difficult to make an impact with your grill fire prevention and safety lessons.

The infographic that our talented artists and marketing coordinators have put together is the solution to this problem. Providing an informative and compelling visual aid helps keep an audience’s attention and makes it easier for them to commit important facts and safety tips to memory. It is an indispensible learning tool and we want to help get that extra teaching power into your hands.

Did you know that propane is responsible for 69% of grill fires that happen on residential property? Moreover, have you ever heard the sad statistic that 22% of grill fire burn and injury victims are children below the age of 5? These are frightening and distressing facts but that is why it is so important to learn about them. We need to educate the public in order to make these unsettling truths a thing of the past. These statistics and more can be found on our free Grill Fire Infographic, as well as some helpful tips on how to prevent one of these tragic accidents from happening at your home.

Please feel free to share this image on your website or email blast, post it on your social media page or even print out the PDF and hand it out at your next outdoor barbeque or fire safety event. Spreading knowledge gives everyone the power to prevent the unthinkable and take back the worry-free enjoyment of a favorite summer pastime – the barbeque.


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