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National Safety Month, Week 2: Wellness

Week 2 of National Safety Month focuses on Wellness. This is a broad topic that can be covered quite extensively but to sum up the overall concept, safety and wellness go hand in hand.

Observing proper safety measures in all aspects of your life ensures your well-being and focusing on and taking steps to preserve your wellness will always go in stride with basic safety practices. This can mean avoiding stress and anxiety, maintaining physical health through diet and exercise, following proper emergency and first aid guidelines or even maintaining a clean and healthy working and living environment.

Here are a few promotional giveaways that are perfect for week 2 of National Safety Week events.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Our Emergency First Aid Kit includes 2 Wet Ones antibacterial wipes, 2 antiseptic swabs, 3 After Bite Itch Erasers, 2 alcohol pads, 1 first aid quick card, 1 pair of tweezers, 2 first aid ointment packs, 1 pair of nitrile gloves, 2, 3″x3″ gauze pads, and 5 bandage strips. This is the perfect giveaway for wellness events with an emphasis on proper emergency and first aid protocols.

Managing Your Stress Pocket Point

When stress goes unchecked, many unpleasant physical ailments can arise. This is why managing stress and anxiety can help preserve wellness – and our Managing Your Stress Pocket Point can help. An excellent promotion for wellness events at the workplace, your company logo goes in a large imprint area, in full color, on the back page.

Wellness, Exercise & Diet Tracker Journal

If diet and exercise are the focus of your wellness program, our custom Wellness, Exercise & Diet Tracker Journal will be the ideal fit. With 100 fill-in sheets to help you track exercise, diet, and progress, this logo’d giveaway will help even the most hesitant of participants breeze through your healthy new wellness program.

Premium Health Kit

With an added emphasis on cold and flu symptoms, this first aid kit becomes our Premium Health Kit – perfect for wellness events in cold climates or taking place during cold and flu season.  Each kit includes a pouch with a hook and front pocket, 1 thermometer, 1 pair of ear plugs, 1 2 oz. hand sanitizer, 1 tissue packet, 5 bandage strips, 1 sleeping mask, 1 Blistex packet and 1 Emergen-C Energy Booster.

Wellness Wall Calendar

What better way is there to remind everyone to work toward maintaining their well-being every day than a Wellness Wall Calendar? Chock full of valuable health and safety information, as well as colorful and inspirational photos, this calendar is the perfect choice for your National Safety Month, week 2 events!


Want to see more great ideas for your upcoming wellness events? Shop our entire site for an enormous supply of promotional giveaways focused on health and safety.



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