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Impaired driving prevention is something we focus on all year long, but every December the efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are intensified. During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month we spread the message that it is never safe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated, not just for drivers, but for everyone on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 10,000 people were killed in alcohol related diving accidents in 2012. That is far too many and it’s also why we all need to do our part to help educate our communities on the importance of sober driving. However, even if we consistently practice sober driving ourselves, it doesn’t mean that there might not be someone else on the road that is impaired. That is why lessons in safe, defensive driving go hand in hand with drunk and drugged driving prevention.

December is an ideal month for National Impaired Driving Prevention Month because it is the busiest time of year for traffic as well as holiday celebrations, where alcohol might be served. Both of these factors have been known to increase the number of DUIs and impaired driving related car accidents that occur in December – making it the appropriate time of year for putting extra emphasis on the lessons below.

1. Always make plans for a safe way home from parties or bars, before going out. If your plans end up falling through, remember to call a taxi or take public transportation. Nowadays there are simple, app-based transportation networks, like Uber, which allow you to use your smartphone to have a driver come pick you up and take you to your next destination for a nominal fee.

2. If you are with a friend who is about to get into his or her car while under the influence of alcohol, it is your duty to stop them; not just for their own safety, but for the safety of others out on the road. Chances are, no matter how much they resist your advice, they will feel differently in the morning and you may just be saving a life. MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, provides some tips on how to stop a friend or loved one from driving after he or she has been drinking.

3. Always wear your seat belt and stay alert on roadways. Even if you are sober, someone else might not be.

4. If you suspect someone on the road of driving while intoxicated, you should call 911 and report it. A DUI is nothing compared to the pain and heartache that a car crash can cause.

5. When you throw your own parties or holiday celebrations, remind your guests to make sure they have a designated driver or make arrangements for them to stay over. It if keeps drunk drivers off the road, it’s the right choice.

If you want to get involved with impaired driving prevention in December, or any time of year, Foremost Promotions has a selection of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month educational products that were specially designed to help get the word out about the dangers of impaired driving. From informational handouts to gifts and giveaways that you can add your own important safety message to, these valuable tools are the key to making this crucial initiative reach as many people as possible.

Drive sober and drive safe!




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