Fire Safety For Kids

Junior Fire Hats: A Perfect Promotion

Young children love to play pretend. Whether they have partaken in a game of cops and robbers or simply played dress up, all children have participated in imaginary role playing at one point or another. While these children’s games are always fun, what many people do not realize is that pretending and role playing actually builds skills in many essential developmental areas. Playing pretend kindles creativity, fosters the imagination, and helps develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in young children. It is this kind of scientific truth that enables the Junior Fire Hat – one of our top fire prevention promotional products – to be an effective teaching tool while endorsing fun and play at the same time.

Kids’ Junior Fire Hats have been an immensely popular promotional giveaway for decades.  They are a hit with fire officials and educators because they are an affordable way to make fire safety and prevention lessons an enjoyable experience for students. Children love them because they provide the opportunity to pretend to be the esteemed hero or heroine that is the fire fighter.

For years, the child-sized plastic hats have been available in red, yellow, black, white, green, and blue to mimic a variety of occupations and positions like firefighter, lieutenant, captain, chief, EMT, and safety officer. Recently, the addition of the color pink has been a huge hit with young girls who adore the color as well as playacting.

Foremost Promotions offers Junior Fire Hats that can be fully customized or ordered with ready-to-ship pre-designed stock themes. Stock hats are available in an array of styles that include police and fire badges, flame designs, patriotic themes, Dalmatians, Maltese crosses, EMS stars, and more. All custom hats are available in the same various designs but also include a customer’s company or department name, or their custom logo or badge, or any piece of information they would like to add. Completely custom designs are a specialty at Foremost Promotions.

One of the newest styles to our already extensive line of hats is the Fire Station Favorite Hat. This kids’ fire hat is notable as our most economical choice at only a 50 piece order minimum for stock designs and a 250 piece minimum for a completely custom order. Also, since this particular hat is made right at the Foremost Promotions warehouse, customers have the convenient option of having their hats added to a custom created kit of assorted items for fire department open houses or school classrooms. With the customer’s input, Foremost can help create a custom designed kit of various products that includes a stock or a custom Fire Station Favorite Hat.

When it comes to junior firefighter hats, the options are almost as boundless as the imaginations of the children they are made for. So, why not use this incredible resource to help tap into those imaginations and make your fire prevention lessons a fun and memorable experience for the children in your local community?

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