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Junior Badges and Hats and the Benefits of Pretend Play


You might not know this, but when you pretended to be a fireman, police officer, rock star or superhero as a kid, you were cultivating the social and critical thinking skills that you rely on today. In fact, most psychologists agree that pretending plays a major role in the mental development of children. Lucky for us, to the urge to play pretend is innate in just about every child!

Dr. Scott Kaufman, a cognitive psychologist specializing in the development of intelligence, creativity, and imagination in education, business, and society, explains that pretend play is integral in allowing children to learn about themselves and the world around them, helping them work out confusing or scary situations on their own, developing complex social skills and fostering emotional intelligence.

At Foremost Promotions, we found this little bit of information to be extremely uplifting considering we’ve been offering junior fire and police hats, as well as play badges of all kinds, for decades. It’s nice to know that not only are we helping fire and police organizations all over the country teach important lessons on fire and public safety, but we might also be playing a tiny role in the mental development of kids as well. What an amazing realization!

If you’re interested in ordering some of your own custom kids’ junior officer badges and hats, here are a few of our featured products for this week.

Junior Police Plastic Badges with Full Color


Our newest addition to the collection puts no limit on how you want your custom badges to look thanks to full-color printing. You can send us a high-resolution photo or simply explain your vision and we will recreate it for you on these incredible new kid’s badges. As an added bonus, every badge is made with a plastic safety clip on the back for extra safety.

Classic Kid’s Junior Firefighter Hat, Eagle Design


One of our most popular Junior Firefighter Hat designs is the flaming eagle shield. The noble eagle perches above the words Junior Firefighter, atop a classic fire scramble and the name of your firefighting organization, all with red and yellow flames in the background. Each hat comes with one of these beautifully designed shields glued onto it and an attached chin strap.

Trooper Play Hat, Custom


These custom police chief or trooper hats will be the main attraction at your public safety and police or sheriff department promotion event. Every kid will be excited to take one home and start playacting as their heroes and friends at the police station. Add your own department name to this thick plastic hat in either black or brown and make a big splash at your next child education event.

It’s a wonderful thing to know that by providing a fun and educational gifts like customized badges or hats to kids, you’re not only helping them learn fundamental fire and public safety lessons, but you’re also helping them development the critical thinking skills that will guide them throughout their entire lives.






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