Child Safety

Exclusive Stock Drinkware for Your Safety-themed Event


What’s better than handing out safety-themed drinkware at your next big event? Being able to do it even if your event is right around the corner! Introducing our exclusive line of In Stock Drinkware, pre-printed with important safety messages and ready to ship out, same day! With several options in bike bottles and stadium cups and countless fire and public safety designs to choose from, there isn’t an event that you won’t be prepared for. Here are some of the products from our lineup of exclusive, in stock drinkware.

Stadium Cups


Our 16 and 17 oz. stock stadium cups come in a number of designs and colors, from classic red fire safety cups and blue police message cups to many other assorted colors and themes, including fun neons. Several of our options come with a safety design on one side and important tips and facts on the other side.

20 oz. Bike Bottle


Test Your Smoke Alarms, Have 2 Ways Out, Bee Smart, Don’t Let Fire Start and Call 911 in an Emergency are just a  few of the pre-printed safety designs you can find on our 20 oz. bike bottle collection. These are the perfect size for kids or anyone who wants to keep water with them on the go without having to lug a large, cumbersome container around. Most importantly, we can ship these stock bottles to you for your upcoming event, even if it’s in just a few days.

28 oz. Bike Bottle


One step up from our 20 oz. bike bottle line is our 28 oz. collection. Enjoy some of the same exclusive stock safety designs plus even more important information, thanks to more imprinting space, as well as extra water capacity to help get you through the day fully hydrated. Police Your Friends for Life, Protect Your Family from Fire and Stop, Drop and Roll are just a few of the important messages you can find on these incredible giveaways.

Check out the rest of our In Stock Safety Drinkware Collection and don’t forget to take advantage of the fantastic sale we have going on until January 31st. Take $25 off of any order of $250 or more with code SAVE25NOW or $75 off of any order of $750 or more with code SAVE75NOW. Get your order in before the end of the month to take advantage of this extraordinary value and save big on your safety-themed drinkware.




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