Student Health Awareness

National Safety Month, Week 2: Wellness

Week 2 of National Safety Month focuses on Wellness. This is a broad topic that can be covered quite extensively but to sum up the overall concept, safety and wellness…


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Educational Giveaways for Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and if you’re looking for educational handouts for adults, students and even children, Foremost Promotions can help. Educating the public on the harmful effects of…

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Safety & Health Information Guides Help You Put Education & Awareness First

When you have to teach an important lesson and want to leave a tangible reminder with your students, parents or event attendees, safety and health information guides are your best…

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Spring Break Safety Tips

We don’t all get to take part spring break, but for the students who do it is understandably a time worth celebrating. Once midterm exams have wrapped up and there…

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