Public Safety

Your 4th of July and Summer Safety Refresher

Now that summer has officially begun, its time to start planning for some of the most exciting and important events of the year! From the 4th of July to National…


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National Safety Month, Week 3: Falls

Week 3 of National Safety Month is focused on falls and how to avoid them at the workplace, at home and in public. Anyone, young or old, can be gravely…

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National Safety Month, Week 2: Wellness

Week 2 of National Safety Month focuses on Wellness. This is a broad topic that can be covered quite extensively but to sum up the overall concept, safety and wellness…

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Personal Safety and Security Products for Every Type of Emergency

Foremost Promotions specializes in safety education products for kids, but we also carry a large variety of safety implements for adults as well. Personal security is paramount for individuals who…

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A Winter Safety Recap

As distributors of fire and public safety promotional products, we post an abundance of safety tips on our blog throughout the year. So, at the risk of sounding redundant, we’ve…

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