A Quick Review: History & Sciences of Fire Prevention

HISTORY It never hurts to brush up on the facts and that’s what we’re doing here today! So, whether you already knew that Benjamin Franklin started the first volunteer fire…


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Fire, Police & EMS Stress Reliever Shapes for Your Next Event

If there is one custom giveaway that continues to be popular among both children and adults, its the stress reliever shape from Foremost Promotions. That’s why we make sure our…

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This Valentine’s Day, Turn up the Romance but Not the Risk of Fire

Nothing says romance on Valentine’s Day like dinner by candlelight, but it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important when you’re busy setting the perfect ambiance – preventing home…

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Meet the Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad!

If you received our latest email newsletter about our Emergency 911 Educational Products, you might have watched our exclusive Learn About 911 educational video featuring Emergency Ernie from The Fab 5 Fire…

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The 12 Days of Christmas Fire Safety

In Jackson MS, the State Fire Marshal’s Office has responded to a recent house fire caused by faulty Christmas lights with the 12 Days of Christmas Fire Safety. Beginning on…

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The NFPA’s Halloween Fire Safety Tips on Martha Stewart Living

Last week the NFPA posted some important Halloween fire safety tips on Martha Stewart Living. Out of all the unique and creative tips for making just about every holiday as…

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