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The Best Firefighting Helmet Cam Videos

Aside from the recent stories of departments banning helmet cams on firefighters, many departments still see these cams as essential pieces of equipment. One of the ways that fire departments use helmet cam footage is to train and educate fire fighters on safety, proper firefighting and emergency response procedures. They also see this footage as important information and evidence, which can help the department see exactly how an incident happened in the event a firefighter is injured on call. Another way this footage is useful, is to help educate the public on the importance of fire safety by showing the dangers that firefighters face every time they respond to a call, as well as the devastating effects of a fire.

Take a walk in a firefighter’s boots, and watch firsthand how they keep you safe. Here are a few of the best helmet cam videos taken by firefighters:

Firefighter Helmet Cam Interior Attack” by smokeEatingtrucky –

Firefighters respond to a 2 story house fire. In the video, they are not only hosing down the base of the flames. A fire burning in a structure or home can reach temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit; because of this, fire can quickly spread by re-lighting other portions of the house on fire. That is why you see the firefighter putting water on the unburned areas around the fire, to prevent it from spreading or re-igniting in other areas.

Marcella Ave Apartment fire with Multiple Rescue Helmet Cam Alameda County Fire Department” by ACFDB2

These firefighters were returning from another fire call, when they were dispatched to an apartment fire where there were children trapped in the building. When the firefighter goes in, you can hear him call out to the children, and ask where they are at. The children were safely rescued, and the firefighters finish searching the building for more people. This shows why you should NEVER hide from a firefighter, to stay low to the ground, and to listen to their instructions.

Modesto Firefighters Helmet Cam” by Modesto Firefighters Local 1289 –

This is a collection of video footage taken by the Modesto Fire Department. Some of the footage is from actual fire calls, as well as some training exercises that they have done over the past few months.

Structure Fire With Helmet Cam” by West Plains Fire Department-

Firefighters respond to a structure fire, where the building needs to be ventilated. Firefighters ventilate a building by opening a large hole in the roof so that heat and smoke can quickly be removed from the structure. This quickly improves conditions inside the building, to make it better for the firefighters to safely do their job.

House Fire Florence St Highland Park Fire Dept Helmet Cam” by HPZ1442-

This department is responding to a fire that started in the 2nd floor of a home, and spread into the attic. This video is sped up to reduce the time, but you can see how they were able to bring the hose into the house to put out the fire.

These videos are just a sample of the many minutes of footage taken by firefighters in action, and you can find many more online.

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