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Auto Emergency Safety Gifts for Those On The Road

It’s not something any of us like to think about, but automobile emergencies can happen at any time – especially during the holidays when traveling is at its peak. Being prepared for car troubles or accidents can make the difference between getting through an unpleasant experience quickly and easily and going through a lot of stress, trauma or heartache. Lucky for you, you are a Foremost Promotions Blog reader and you already know all about the importance of safety, prevention and emergency preparedness; but if you want some products that can help your community safeguard themselves as well, then we have the answer. Here are a few of our top products for auto emergency safety:

All Season Glove Box Kit

All Season Glove Box Kit

The all Season Glove Box Kit is especially useful during the winter months when being stuck on the side of the road can be disagreeably cold and wet. Two hand warmers and two rain ponchos are included in this kit, along with a 40-piece first aid kit, antimicrobial and moist towlettes, a cooling scarf and the heavy duty, puncture and water resistant travel pack that holds everything neatly. Conveniently, the entire kit is compact enough to fit easily into any glove box.


Accident Kit

Accident Kit

When an accident occurs, it’s very common for confusion to set in and remembering the next step becomes difficult. The Accident Kit provides everything you need to prepare for what comes next and also serves as a physical to do list. Included in the water resistant pack is an accident report form, a pencil, crayon, 5 feet of measuring tape and a disposable camera with a built in flash. Everything you might need to make sure that what follows a fender bender goes smoothly is right here in one 7” pack.

Be Prepared Road Hazard Kit

Be Prepared Road Hazard Kit

When your car is suddenly out of commission due to an accident or engine problems, it’s important to make sure other drivers on the road can see your vehicle and no further accidents will occur. The Be Prepared Roadside Hazard Kit provides the tools you need to optimize visibility and ensure the safety of your passengers as well as other drivers and be prepared for any medical or roadside emergency. A warning triangle, 3 ton tow rope, collapsible shovel, booster cables, a rain poncho and a 19-piece first aid kit are all packed inside of a heavy duty, travel backpack.

Life Gear® Emergency Auto Tool

Life Gear Emergency Auto Tool

Being trapped inside of a vehicle that has been in an accident can be extremely frightening and extremely dangerous. The Life Gear® Emergency Auto Tool can turn this situation around entirely and could even safe lives. This multi-function tool can cut through a seat belt and break a car or truck window. It even has an LED glow stick and a red flasher so emergency personnel can locate accident victims quickly and easily.

PowerStation w/ Air Compressor


PowerStation w Air Compressor

Dead batteries or flat tires can mean hours of being stranded on the side of the road in the cold, but the PowerStation w/ Air Compressor can be a quick fix and a time saver. The large capacity battery has built-in booster cables and provides up to 10 amp hours of power while the compressor has 260 PSI power which can inflate any sized tire. The 12-volt power outlet that is included can power any 12 volt electronics and home and auto adaptors allow recharging either at home or on the road.

As with almost all of the gifts and giveaways that we offer at Foremost Promotions, the auto emergency products listed here can be customized with your department or office logo or name and your important safety message. Check out the rest of our collection and show the members of your community that you care with auto emergency products, this holiday season.



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