National Night Out

August 7th is National Night Out, 2018

As National Night Out, or National Night to Unite, nears, communities and their local police forces and sheriffs departments prepare for an event that focuses cooperation and resistance against crime. Have you gotten ready for your National Night to Unite event, or do you want to help out? Well we can assist you with that!

To begin, here is a brief history of National Night Out to help you better understand the importance of this yearly event. Find out how the Lights On Campaign has become one of those most commonly practiced National Night Out traditions across the country and where the very first of these annual events too place.

To find out more, check out our America’s Night Out Against Crime post to see how many other traditions take place in all 50 states each year. We also include tips on how you can not only get involved with this National Night to Unite but the steps you can take towards making your own neighborhood safer and more secure as well.

Now for the fun part! Our National Night to Unite specialty store is loaded with unique and educational giveaways to help spread the word about this important cause and add a bit of excitement for all the police officers, community members and children involved. From cinchpacks, sport bottles and bracelets to kits that include all of these items, our extensive store will have something for everyone.

Looking for items that glow in the dark? Since many of the events of National Night Out take place after sunset, glow in the dark custom giveaways make the perfect handout for adults and children alike. And wouldn’t you know it? We have a specialty store for that too! Shop our huge collection for a promotional glow in the dark gifts to pair with your items from our National Night to Unite store or let them stand alone. Either way, you’ll be making this year’s National Night Out an event to remember!



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